Translations and interpretations

Amadeus Consulting Group is your ideal partner for translations and interpretations services. We provide linguistic solutions which guarantee unlimited access to communication and which contribute to your international success.


Interpersonal communication works based on a few basic principles, and when one of the essential elements is missing, the communication between one or two persons becomes defective.
A key element in transmitting the message and also the most important is that both the person transmitting the message and the person receiving the message, share the same communication code, or in other words, they should speak the same language.

Interpretations are a form of oral translations which does not use translators but interpreters.

Interpretations are used in conferences, summits, business meetings or different events which imply the participation of some persons which are not native speakers of the local language.

Amadeus Consulting Group offers interpretations services so that you can be sure that the message you wish to send is understood exactly as you intend it.

We translate from/into:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • and other
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