Translations and interpretations

Amadeus Consulting Group is your ideal partner for translations and interpretations services. We provide linguistic solutions which guarantee unlimited access to communication and which contribute to your international success.

Legal Translations

Legal translations involve important documents which carry a great degree of responsibility due to the fact that an incorrect translation of certain contractual clauses, terms and conditions which are forwarded to Courts of Law may bring irreversible effects, thus damaging the entire process of conducting legal actions. The documents from this field refer to: contracts, notary public documents, amendments, articles of association for companies, resolutions, minutes, power of attorney, legal records, legislative documents, etc.

Amadeus Consulting Group offers legal translations performed by authorized translators, with experience in this field who are familiar with the specific terminology. These services are meant for law offices and companies as well as for natural persons.

Amadeus Consulting Group’s experience guarantees you that, by using our services, you will obtain the best translations, as well as punctuality, accuracy, confidentiality and last but not least, quality.

We translate from/into:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • and other
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